Churches increasingly radicalize. Pope Benedict launches crash courses in "exorcism" worldwide. A single Vatican priest, Father Gabriele Amorth, expelled 70,000 devils so far. The belief in devil and hell "comes out of every crack," it says in the newspaper "Die Zeit".


Since Luther we know that there is no devil: Luther’s inkwell did not hit the devil, it landed on the wall instead. So Luther either was hallu-cinating or he was really bad in throwing.

The God of the Bible is simply unbearable, the doctor and psychoana-lyst Tilman Moser recently commented accurately. In his writings he tries to - especially with regard to children - represent a "tolerable God". This is of course not possible with the Bible which in "blas-phemy” attributes “acts of violence” to our God that are truly without equal as former Bishop Dr. M. Käßmann puts it within a different con-text. God had organized the Flood-Holocaust and the horrors of Sod-om and Gomorrah and yet today he would manage a hell where he tor-tures diligently. During the Jubilee in 2000 the Vatican certified as "truth" that one could die just "at the mere sight” of torture if no one prevented death (in text).


This debases our God, who indeed is love, as we know as enlightened people. The Bible and our bible-related religion are supposed to frighten chil-dren. That this fear makes our children sick, because they are threat-ened with torture, the churches do know. But they don’t care even though they know that the threat of torture means torture already and is strictly prohibited in the Federal Republic under Article 1 of the Grundgesetz - even for "gods". Our law does not provide exemptions for gods. "Obscene" calls philosopher Sloavoj Zizek the theological justification for the Holocaust in his book "Violence" if one claims that "all of these events had a deeper meaning". The only permissible reference to a Holocaust "should be a negative one." This also applies to the Flood. About such a final solution, we know that since 1945, there is nothing that you could celebrate. A prosecutor, however, judged it differently: It was "socially adequate" and the assessment of a Holocaust a just matter. I think on the contrary that it is antisocial, criminalizing, and - after the legislation - banned in Germany.


Let us turn now to truth and reason. At the beginning of every great truth there is always a blasphemy, so to read in the newspaper "Die Zeit", Oct. 13th 2011, p. 37. But in fact it is more special: At the be-ginning of a great truth there often is revealed a blasphemy of our churches. No god has ever burned alive an innocent Jewish child, therefore no God would ever have initiate Sodom. Torture and its "le-gitimacy" are works of man, they are never God's works. This sentence was my sister saying decades ago when she was studying theology. It always gives me a chill at the word blasphemy, since the churches have invented the term in order to burn red-haired women together with their red-haired children - alive, of course.


Let's look together at ways in which patients of health insurances are harmed by churches and in what way our psychiatry and basically a large part of our society can let this happen; how the insurances can get more mentally healthy members and how to save valuable money. Approximately more than 50% of psychiatric clients are patients suf-fering from anxiety- and guilt-diseases caused by the churches. They all might be entitled to an apology and financial compensation. Tour-nier considers their number for even greater. For more details please refer to the text. "Those who drink from the Bible without a filter sys-tem get insane," wrote George Bernard Shaw, and Gerhard Hauptmann also knew it. Our two major German churches, and it's all about them, have consistently ensured that it was never allowed to enter this filter system. A religion should be good for children. If it does the exact opposite and emotionally abuses children, it is not a religion. Then it is a Dysreligion.


Guilt is such a big word and usually it is too big. Psychiatrists are not necessarily to blame for what they do. The prejudice that exists in the population, psychiatrists themselves would be mentally ill, is not just a prejudice. They commit suicide four times more often than we intern-ists and are thus four times more likely to suffer from depression. 40% of them are estimated to be substance-related addicts and about 17% had at least once been hospitalized for mental health reasons (Source: "Hilflose Helfer"). So these people really need help urgently - my help and the help of health insurances.


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