A classic translation of Freud’s neurosis


Generally agreeing with the statement “Religion is insanity”, all psychiatrists also develop a classic translation of Freud’s neurosis. Like Freud, they believe in their subconscious that they have sinned by killing God. That is not true insanity! It is the consequence of an error we have been convinced of, a religious fallacy. Religion is no delusion but a religious fallacy. This lies in the presumption that God, who is love, might not like the idea of murdering his violent opponents Talmund-Jahwe and Bible-God who, to top it, are an invention of the clerics. Freud’s sin was none and his fainting spells were just as unnecessary as Nietzsches schizophrenia. In four short meetings, I would have explained the interdependence and hopefully liberated him of his superfluous school notions – completely without using neuroleptics. When it was still common belief that the earth was flat, they were not all insane! They were simply mistaken.


To err was natural (and again typically human, typically clerical), it was obviously crazy that Galileo was to be burnt at the stake purely because he had contradicted the many religious dogma. Of course, nearly all baptized psychiatrists had virtually murdered God twice over. On the one hand, they are all supposed to be accomplices of Jesus’ crucifixion, and on the other hand to be blamed for the death of his father by claiming that God was a delusion. This explains Peter Schellenbaum’s question in “Gottesbilder”, dtv, why deep psychology can only criticize Bible-Jesus in isolated cases: They feel they have sinned enough and may therefore sin no more. In this respect, “speaking medicine” remains silent or is and has sentenced itself to silence.


I herewith introduce the term “religious fallacy” into the psychiatric nomenclature as distinction to insanity. Attending a lecture on Freud will not turn anyone into an agnostic or an atheist - on the contrary, this is only achieved through hard work. With incredible naivety, in reality a safeguard mechanism, therapists postulate that children do not integrate the bible’s fairy tales permanently in their subconscious, as they are too young, or then too old, to actually believe such nonsense. Therefore, according to them, the Churches do not induce disease, on the contrary, they are quite harmless and have up to date already “made great amends”. No chance. This is all based on intellectual rationalization, spurred by the basic fear that criticism of the Churches is called for which represents a further act of sinning. All of my psychiatric patients critically mention the circumstance that their medical treatment does not include the religious issue. This catastrophe is caused not by evil intentions, but simply by an obsessional neurosis based on anxiety.


With his Theory of Sexuality and his neurosis, thought up as bulwark and dogma, Freud unintentionally leads psychiatry down a very dangerous cul de sac and up to the greatest professional negligence in mental health care, the ignorance of Church-induced disease. Caught up in Freudian neurosis, four times more psychiatrists than internists commit suicide, and for years psychiatry erroneously prescribed neuroleptics for diseases which could have easily been cured by talking. Freud’s method of dream interpretation is more cumbersome, more time-consuming and far more prone to mistakes than EAT is. Hell as notion of a place actually awaiting us is so deeply entrenched in us that our subconscious only rarely allows us to appear in dreams. Wet-dreams however are far more frequent. As respects hated and demonized psychoanalysis, the measures of high-intelligence Church were as follows: It simply bought up. It bought the devil. Today, the majority of our psychiatrists is paid by the Church. And it will not tolerate any diagnosis criticizing the Church.


The head of the institute examining me knew well of he works of Viktor E. Frankl, founder of logotherapy. Frankl virtually requires doctors to commit themselves to provide counseling, just as H. J. Weitbrecht, C. G. Jung, Karl Jaspers, Alphons Maeder, G. R. Heyer and others do (ref. Frankl ,“Ärztliche Seelsorge” in above-mentioned book, p. 67). Being baptized and ordained to mission as Lutheran priest, I have been committed virtually from the highest level (Christ’s so-called Great Commission) to a mission that really allows God to impersonate Love and does not describe and therefore degrade him as the cruelest creature on earth in order to get financial self-interests. It illegally interferes with the practicing of my religion if I am not allowed to preach the word of God, as it will have been understood by Jesus himself, in my doctor’s practice. It is against Basic Law. Some colleagues of mine even pray with their patients. I, however, tend more towards trying to break the habit of excessive and disease-inducing praying, especially when it results in pathological, Church-intended humility.


Every therapist applying EAT (ecclesio-adverse therapy) (ref. my book “The Sacco-Syndrome”) is a missionary in the sense that he must reduce a disease-inducing belief to absurdity. It is therefore a crucial part of our medical profession to mission in a super-religious sense or one that narrows the concept by representing a personal or anti-personal God who is purely – literally purely - unconditional love. Our profession must hold high ethical values such as compassion, love, justice, consideration and freedom and have the courage to tackle any cruelty in a religion immediately and urgently, even if the Church is the employer. Considering its diverse fault-finding ways, common religious practice up to now, however, is simply abusive – unfortunately often abusive of defenseless children. “What are we supposed to believe in if not in the bible?” clerics often ask me in despair. We are however not Christians in order to simply be believers but to work in the way Jesus had in mind for us and in doing so to fulfill his testament. Here Luther – as so often – was mistaken. After all, Luther erroneously thought it called for to set fire to Jew´s living quarters thus making him the father of the Reichskristallnacht.


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