A modern look to the story of Prometheus


Philosophers, sociologists and psychologists find it interpreting the myth of Prometheus difficult. Prometheus was a great sinner, his sin being helping us human beings to keep nice and warm. Gods often do not like that at all. They like to wear the trousers and want us to be cold. Therefore, Zeus chained the poor chap to a rock and an eagle had to tear out a piece of his liver every day - for centuries.


Present interpretations claim that there is no God as crazy as that, it is not possible that such a God exists. Moreover, we Christians supposedly know exactly that there is only the one God, namely ours. Therefore, Zeus was a fiction of the clerics, and a fiction cannot commission torture. Committing such a deadly sin, however, may have caused Prometheus, or, respectively, the later emulator of such “sins”, to fall mortally ill, so ill that the patient and his/her environment simply had to accept divine punishment. In reality, it was self-punishment, a sacrifice I recognize today in ecclesiogenous depression. The Sacco-Syndrome, illnesses resulting from pathogenic religion, can also casually be called Prometheus or Oedipus Syndrome.


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