Fear of God instead of fear of parents


In psychoanalysis, the term “fear of castration” can be freely replaced with the term “fear of parents” and “fear of God”. Freud’s fear of castration is also more likely to have been fear of God: Only too obviously did he avoid the central issues Last Judgment and Hell which our clerics, after all, profess beyond any doubt to be religious certainties. 50 Church songs are about hell, 50 are about the devil working there for “Jesus”. Clerics believe that they need fairy tales like the all-deciding Last Judgment to exist. However, how can the Bible-God, who is responsible for the Flood and who is Head of Hell, possibly judge or even condemn emulators?

Incidentally: What is the loss of two testicles or any other parental punishment compared with eternal torture in hell? Weighing up the scale of cruelty, how does Parent-Ego compare with God-ego or Church-ego? Do  men not nowadays even undergo castration voluntarily for family planning purposes?


Who, however, would really like to voluntarily go into Jesus’ eternity soup cauldron that children are, for example, made to look at in the Paderborn Dome? The Bishop there, Bishop Becker, wants the little ones to see this altar piece “as early on in life as possible”, since this would pave the way for them to become “especially sensitive”. That is true. I then wrote to Mr. Becker asking him for a change and received no answer, in spite of him being perfectly aware of the fact that children believe everything the Churches put in front of them.


Bible-Jesus demanding in his sermon on the mount to tear out one’s own eye or even to chop off one’s arm, should the situation arise, is not only extremely pathological, but also the root of disease (therefore, Bible-Jesus urgently needs to go and see a psychiatrist). These demands represent cause, origin and instructions for masochistic behaviour with believers, which used to be: becoming a monk, the belt of repentance, asceticism and burning oneself to death. Today, Church-induced masochism is hidden in “endogenous depression” or the “fear of fear” and of which as yet our psychiatrists are completely unaware. This is about to change. What will also change is the fact that therapists so like to regularly blame parents or even the patients themselves for the mental illness.


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