A religious reform


Meanwhile, what would be even cheaper than EAT would be a religious reform, and it is already certain that it is on its way. It was prescribed and introduced by the former President of our Federal Constitutional Court Prof. Papier with his groundbreaking words during his term of office saying that the Churches may have freedom of religious practice but have to stick to existing law. I herewith suggest nominating this expert in constitutional and public law for the Nobel Peace Prize. He provided the impetus for more long-term peace in the subconscious of our delinquents and seriously ill psychiatric patients. Freud’s neurosis - also our psychiatrists’ neurosis and unfortunately that of our society - has facilitated this innovation of our spiritual welfare. As if caught in Freudian loss of consciousness, it tolerates our Churches’ incredible threats of torture not due to tolerance or even ignorance but from a real subconscious terror of God. The notion of death is so terrifying for children and adults that it can only be given a place in the subconscious. The fact that “modern” human beings view the holocaust Flood and Sodom and Gomorrha as just punishment and the penetrator of these crimes as some kind of honorable Mr. Clean.


Waiting time for appointments in the doctors’ practices will then hopefully be reduced to a normal rate. Maybe even organized crime will be reduced and the therapy of offenders improved. Occupational therapy in our young offenders institutes will make no progress as long as the convicted persons are certain that the love of God is not meant for them, on the contrary: His much quoted wrath, a wrath and a brutality that do not exist, that, driven by financial self-interest, our Churches allocate to our God and his son. In doing so, the Churches label this alleged savage the greatest criminal ever and simply a non-Christian by making out that he has allegedly imposed punishment through fire on us. However, Jesus, who is one with God, is baptized! God is baptized!


I have taken a first step by filing three criminal complaints against our Churches depicting the child abuse they commit, and in doing so, I have shown a possible way to carry out the imminent reform. My Medical Chamber erroneously concluded that such a criminal complaint suggests that I might be insane, had not the prosecutor been lost for words upon hearing it! This authority had written to me saying that it did not agree with Prof. Papier’s opinion. The Churches were allowed to break the law, they were allowed to threaten children with hell, blame them for Jesus’ death and present the Holocaust to them as a just business, regardless whether or not it leads to serious diseases. All of this they consider “socially adequate”. What is needed, therefore, are written statements to official bodies by persons who can affiliate themselves with my contrary opinion as well as with that of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and to whom getting into trouble matters as little as it does to me.





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