Guilty for an actual death by torture?


In his book “Sozialisierung und Erziehung”, („Socialisation and Upbringing“), Beltz Verlag, educationalist Helmut Fend writes: Moral norms are often justified with religion and therefore have special sanctions allocated to them (e. g. punishment ….through death). I could not discover the word “hell” in the book. At least Fend mentions that sanctions lead to social control. The forms of discovery (absolute duty to repent), judgment (Last Judgment as certainty of belief) and punishment (eternal hell) are perfectly formalized and institutionalized in the Church. It is therefore the Church disciplining with the greatest severity. Its power to sanction, represented by the eternal punishments it threatens with, is doubtless not only the most severe but unfortunately also the most effective form of social control. Clerics would exploit the child’s in most cases extreme fear of physical pain by threatening with torture. Dear reader, here we are dealing with people more intelligent than you and I. At least I do attempt with my IQ to keep up a little with the basics: By applying diverse techniques, the clerics use their intelligence to extinguish our little ones’ ability to criticize, convincing them up to a mature adult age that they are to blame personally for their “sins” (and this explicitly post mortal!) for a death by torture that a small number of people committed 2000 years ago.


By doing so, it is disregarding §19 of the Criminal Code by accusing our children of complicity with the intention of causing excessive feelings of guilt, and in fact succeeding in doing so in the child’s subconscious. This guilt they are talked into is then forgiven in a Communion which is declared holy. However, Rilke already knows: “Poison and embers” inoculate our children during Communion. It is the poison of this maximum guilt they have been made to believe in and the embers of the fear of hell in case of not being forgiven for this non-existent guilt. How can a child be happy with itself having been talked into feeling guilty for an actual death by torture? Holy Communion should be allowed to be celebrated simply as a farewell meal and no longer as a guilt trap. By the way, Jesus’ condemnation and death were pre-programmed when he demanded to reign over the Jewish people with neither an army to support him and nor an accompanying letter from his father. Even today, there is a lifelong sentence for such a crime in Germany (“high treason”). Scientists puzzle why to this day deep psychologists cannot express any type of criticism of Bible-Jesus. The reason for these lies, amongst other things, with the limitless gratitude towards Christ because the Churches claim that he died on the cross on behalf of all of us. In order to forgive the sins, all God would have needed to do was to clap his hands, furthermore, this allegation suggests a cruel and totally unnecessary murder of his own son…


The word “holy” is deliberately used by Churches in order to stabilize especially questionable things such as “Holy See” or “Holy Spirit”. They also succeed via suggestion technology to declare someone as limitlessly merciful or even as impersonated love whom they have presented to our children as the perpetrator of the global genocide, the Fire God of Sodom and Gomorrha and head of hell. In any case, there is no book that is more hostile towards children and Jesus than the bible. In Luke 17 for example, Luke has Jesus’ claim that the alleged “redeemer” was planning two more holocausts, one using water, the next one using fire. We enlightened human beings are surprised at the apostle and wonder about what motivates him to spread such lies about someone who is Love and, being dead, cannot defend himself. In “Vielfalt und Profil (“Diversity and Profile”) Neuenkirchener, 1999, Prof. Dr. Rolf Rendtorff writes something strange: Love of one’s neighbour counts as being Christian, God (or Christ) himself, however, was himself so to speak not Christian, in spite of having been baptized. The “crucial point” as regards Christianity was “not to take revenge oneself but to leave this to God. “Revenge is mine, I will repay, thus says the Lord” (Romans 12, 19, New (!) Testament). Church people often hope that those will be tortured in hell who did not lead such an abstinent, God-fearing and pious life as they have. They hope for a “just” compensation to balance out their sacrifices to life and do not see the beam in their own eyes.


Through suggestion technology and authoritarian behavior the Churches also manage to declare someone who died on the cross has come back to life again. Unfortunately however, at present, the crucified one was for some reason relatively shy of the media. Mind you, sometimes samples of his fresh blood would appear.

It is said that Jesus’ blood was tested and his blood group was AB. Furthermore, saints had seen him several times and it was possible for the religious ordinary people to “speak” to him, so it says.

In a further effort to oppose suggestion technology with common sense, let me point out the following: The Church’s advertisement that God has the so-called almighty power to save believers from the greatest earthly misery was forfeited at the latest with the existence of the torture chambers of Auschwitz.


The Church’s bogus argument claiming that the fact that God had “granted us the freedom” (even to torture) dismisses him, the Almighty our alleged Creator, from his duty to have regard of the welfare of children, can only be convincing through means of suggestion. Let us better stick to it: God is Love and as such not almighty. We are his hands. If we internalize this, Bible-God’s alleged murdering after Eve stole the apple off the tree will also be identified as earmarked for a special purpose.

Its aim is to frighten children by demonstrating to them “God’s” absolute small-mindedness and pettiness: Unjustifiably, he brutally punishes his daughter Eve’s first small act of defiance, using global kinship liability up to this day. It would have done this God some good to read a year or so of pedagogy at university.

Was there any such thing as paradise in those days? Did not Eve’s vegetarian snake devour her toads alive and, considering such cruelty in nature, can a God feel pleased with himself and expect gratitude? Therefore, let us say farewell to the superstition that we are creations. We just simply exist. Let us make the best of that.


What our children need is a new religion >