“we send to see… a theologian”


Patients with mental health issues must urgently insist on working through and learning to cope with the injuries they suffer due their religion in doctors’ or psychiatric practices. This service is covered by the health insurance they pay for. Unfortunately, the professor M. Leuzinger-Bohleber who is considered Sigmund Freud’s successor at the institute of the same name, states even in 2010 representative of our therapists: “Persons who have a theological problem we send to see… a theologian”. Why? Because our thinking is not transcendental (quote from an interview in the newspaper “Die Zeit” of March 31, 2010). Sending away a patient like that is inappropriate for a doctor, as well as a lack of thinking in one’s own specialty field. And, given that one is not thinking, is it not possible to at least start doing so?


So what is the outcome of such practices? The priest Johannes zu Eltz, loyal adherent of the Church and joining in the discussion, laments the considerable increase in the number of believers who fall seriously ill with schizophrenia due to the superstition they have been made to believe, or erroneous belief in hell and the devil respectively, which incidentally hardly a single psychiatrist distinguishes or is able to distinguish from true insanity. He will fall on deaf ears with the psychiatrist when he calls for “interdisciplinary work”. Patients who are considered incurable for treatment from their psychiatrists would be sent to priests for further treatment. “No redemption without remorse”, zu Eltz says in his characteristic fashion in a final interview and, in saying so, affiliates himself with his Church’s very official doctrine that hell awaits those who do not do repentance or show remorse. In this respect he is wrong and proves the worst possible therapist of Church-induced diseases caused by fear of hell. These diseases should not be treated by those who caused them, emotionally raped children should not be treated by the rapists.


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