The safest sex is no sex

Bible-God himself does not seem to exercise sex, and in his bible he has draconian sentences at his fingertips for “illicit sex”, even to the extent of commanding to burn alive (!) women who have become unchaste, even those completely oblivious that they have become involved. This command the clerics would obey happily. In his supposedly so harmless sermon on the mount, Bible-Jesus recommends tearing out an eye of a husband who only so much as throws a desiring glance at another woman passing by, this being preferable to going to hell forever. So, in Christianity, the sole desire and the committed sin become one. The Christian God, so our Churches believe, have their cameras set up everywhere, in our bedrooms and even in our brains. In that respect, our God’s predecessor, or fellow competitor, Zeus, was still completely different. The Gods of Mount Olympus were sexually extremely active, whereas Mary’s sheet remained spotless.


Therefore, in the fundamentalist bible, the enemy can be found in our children’s suppressed prime fears. They are made to believe that masturbation is a sin, punished severely by an unpredictable “God”. The parent or legal guardian may rebuke but not cruelly punish the child, as this would be against the law. The youth welfare department would be called in after a bloody castration, discovered during a change of nappies. Even today, the Church God, however, is allowed to apply torture in order to punish, in hell and also to children under 14 years of age, who have not yet reached the age of criminal responsibility. After all, hell is by no means declared child-free: Only the conception of a pre-hell for children who have not been baptized has recently been abolished. Allegedly, there was never such a thing. In this respect one had “been mistaken”.


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