Jesus is free of sins


On December 29, 1975, the Catholic Religious Congregation reaffirmed that masturbation is a deathly sin sending one to hell. This happens to be the definition of deadly sin. The same goes for homosexual deeds - at the same time, an estimated 60% of all priests are homosexual. They often take up this profession because by doing so they are not confronted so easily with the question of the whereabouts of a wife. A friend of mine told me that when becoming aware of his affection towards the male sex, he felt he had to make a choice between: this “religion” – or his own personal emotions. In this conflict, his choice had fallen on the latter. Well done! “Nearly every child will masturbate more or less frequently at different stages in his/her life”, says Dr. Gisela Eberlein correctly in “Ängste gesunder Kinder” (Fears of Healthy Children). Even toddlers are sexually active. Now, just like the practicing of masturbation later on, this activity is of course completely free of guilt and sin and is an integral part of playing and joie de vivre. Monkeys and dogs do it, even in public, and entirely lacking feelings of guilt or shame or fears of a hell. It is also unlikely that sensible Mary would have been constantly stopping her son from doing it. After all, why would she, a Holy Mother, want to so strictly and forcibly forbid such a natural thing? Given that Jesus is considered free of sins, masturbation can, therefore, not be a sin. In this respect, the Churches have again been mistaken. To err is clerical. Jesus is said to have been married or engaged, and why ever not? Documents about this are kept strictly under lock and key in Israel. Why?


S. Freud reports: “In analysis, it is particularly important that the child is helped to remember its own forgotten sexual activity as well as the interference through the adults which put an end to it.” With peoples belonging to “lower culture”, says Freud, “children’s sexuality seems to have been set free”. Is it not, however, more plausible that in this case the Jewish and Christian beliefs which declare children’s innocent play a sin, even a deathly sin - punished with death - represent the “lower culture”? What is culture anyway? Is it on a par with humanity or with inhumanity? In fact, a child’s sexual experiences play an important part in a disease it has developed. This is not due to fear of castration but to fear of hell.


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