Frank Sacco

The Freudian Fallacy

Neurosis inherent in Psychoanalysis


  • Preface
  1. Freud´s theory of fear
  2. A modern look to the story of Oedipus
  3. A modern look to the story of Prometheus
  4. The biggest fear of girls
  5. What about killing “your” God
  6. Fear of God, fear of hell
  7. Fear of circumcision (Jewish children)
  8. Sexuality - a sin?
  9. Save us from the fire of hell
  10. The safest sex is no sex
  11. A bad year: 2010
  12. Jesus is free of sins
  13. Back in the middle ages
  14. Fear of God instead of fear of parents
  15. Autism and the biggest fear
  16. One is allowed to ask children
  17. Psychiatrists and their fear of God
  18. Criticism of psychiatrists
  19. Delinquency, violence and the fear of hell
  20. Guilty for an actual death by torture
  21. What our children need is a new religion
  22. Freud killed his God Jahwe
  23. A classic translation of Freud’s neurosis
  24. The EAT
  25. A religious reform
  26. “…we send to see… a theologian”.
  27. “Possessed by the devil”
  28. What shall we do?