Autism and the biggest fear


Fear of hell causes a variety of diseases. The thought or fear of hell can frighten children so strongly that they completely withdraw from this world in Church-induced autism. At birth, an autistic will already have experienced nine months of life, during which he/she will have absorbed all the mother’s fears. The autist Birger Sellin heals himself by writing a liberating book: about hell, eternal damnation and the fire in which an autist will always burn. Equally, the patient suffering from a schizophrenia occurring later on, prefers to establish a more tolerable world of his/her own. Autism and schizophrenia are an escape from what is unbearable and, as research with twins shows, not hereditary. Only intelligence and/or sensitivity as a condition for mental disease are hereditary. Being indoctrinated with fear of hell can cause addictions (to alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating disorders, diabetes) as well as ADS and diverse psychosomatic disorders.


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