Save us from the fire of hell

In order to develop their part of the super-ego, the Church-ego, the Church uses its most talented people. With a smile on their face, men in black speak on K-TV about their God of Fire. From 16:00 to 16:20, they pray to Jesus with the trembling children: ”Save us from the fire of hell.” The Protestant Church also threatens children officially by telling them that their “body and soul” will burn in hell if they do not repent. That is organized terror, regulated in §241 of the Criminal Code.


The European Convention of Human Rights forbids all (!) forms of threats of violence, too. Furthermore, our Protection of the Constitution has recently begun to expect the Churches to obey existing laws. In front of children, the men in black say that one must pray diligently for the “tormented in purgatory”, as that could shorten their pains there! The word “torture” however, is strictly avoided, it evokes the German Illness 1933-45 too painfully. With such programmes, which are strangely tolerated by our supposedly critical society, it is suggested to our young ones that fire in hell actually exists. It is of great importance that the term purgatory remains. Here, fire is the clerics’ favourite word. To every rule, however, there is an exception. That goes for clerics, doctors, sociologists and psychologists.


The safest sex is no sex >

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Die "Straßenmission glaubensfroher Christen" macht unsere Kinder unfroh und krank: 

„Der Sünder, der nach seinem Tod im unauslöschlichen Flammenmeer der Hölle ewige Pein leidet, erntet genau das, was er gesät hat.“

Ein Sacco-Suizid. Häufig, aber unnötig wie ein Kropf.


In der Vorhölle, Akryl, 2002
In der Vorhölle, Akryl, 2002
Kirchliche Lieblingsbeschäftigung
Kirchliche Lieblingsbeschäftigung
Akryl auf Papier, 2003
Akryl auf Papier, 2003

F. Sacco: "Kreuzesfolter muss nicht sein", Street Art  Bremen / Ein Gott kann auch ohne Kreuz vergeben. 

F. Sacco  Street Art, Bremen

"Kirche und Kind"

Ungleiche Machtverhältnisse

F. Sacco  Installation

F. Sacco "Junge Autistin"

Street art, Bremen

"Therapie" bei der Angsterkrankung Autismus

F. Sacco: Fegefeuer

Doch was sagte er wirklich?

"Jesus" bei der Arbeit am Kochtopf (oben rechts),

im Paderborner Dom

Frank Sacco, "Hell", Akryl 2014








 Kinder-Albtraum Hölle

Frank Sacco, "Schuld", Akryl 2015

Kindergottesdienst (vorher- nachher)

"Mittäterin an Jesu Kreuzigung." Afrikanerin, 

         durch Mission                         missbraucht.




übermüdeter Internist?

"Therapie", Sacco 2013

gewaltsame  Rache "Gottes" in Sodom

Ostseestrand, Sacco 2015