Fear of God, fear of hell


A term for fear must bear strong reference to what is meant. With its emphasis purely on genitals, fear of castration does not have that in this country. We internists are also only to ready to do without terms like oral and anal sadism. It would certainly be possible to define more exactly our sense of basic fear as “FoP” (fear of parents), so that it becomes more accessible for all doctors. It would also be possible to misinterpret “Parent Fear” as a fear the parents have, just as “divine fear” could possibly mean fear of a God. Using FoP, the term is sufficiently described. Analogous to that, fear of God is more adequately referred to as “FoG”. I herewith introduce these abbreviations into the nomenclature.


It is more likely that a God who has been invented by the writers of the bible becomes angry when a child masturbates than that the natural father does. He who in the end punishes, castrates or shortens the penis, is also the wrathful, equally sexually timid as sexless, God, and not the sexually active father. The invented “God” finally wants the circumcision to take place which the rabbi only performs or has to perform. By giving orders for the “partial castration” - circumcision - “God” castrates. This is done to young children (to Jewish children when they are eight days old) without anaesthesia or local anaesthetic and represents a considerable trauma ordered by “Jahwe” which is remembered for a while.


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