A bad year: 2010


The fact that Churches are officially hostile towards sex is confirmed daily with their bible and by the way they deal with issues like homosexuality, extramarital intercourse, divorce, contraception, our priests’ celibacy etc. Inofficially however, things are very different as far as pastoral sex with childred is concerned: Divided up into groups, priests swarmed boys’ dormitories. On suspicion of haemorrhoids, they inspected the boys’ rectums by inserting something other than a forefinger. Those are known as the “Kloster Ettaler Doktorspiele” (“doctors and nurses at Ettal Monastery”), an example of the unscrupulous behaviour of a large number of the clerics which took place without permission of the General Medical Council. In 2010, we are amazed to read that, under protection and with the approval of the Church and the Vatican Religious Congregation under Cardinal Ratzinger, clerics had been inserting their erect penises into just about any imaginable opening their little pupils had to offer.


The child molester is “loved by the Pope”, therefore the business was “very sensitive”, said Cardinal Ratzinger, when he let go the Mexican mass-paedophile Father Maciel (“possibly even 100 boys”). Ratzinger imposed maintaining “absolute silence” to the outside world (Source: Stern 15/2010). A child-molesting priest, however, is okay to molest more than everyone else, due to his great relationship with God. After all, he has sacrificed his whole life and is consumed with considerable privation. Two priests can, in order to avoid hell, confess to each other Although this may have practical advantages, it has eliminated the supposed holiness of confession forever.


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