Psychiatrists and their fear of God


The term “fear of hell” (“Höllenangst”) is almost unknown in “modern” psychiatry and sociology (“Höhlenangst?“ (“Fear of caves”?) psychiatrists often enquire). Such a thing is not talked about. Hell is taboo. Only when a cleric seriously talks or preaches of heaven or hell, everyone listens, impressed or even affected. However, when a doctor talks easily and freely about this central issue of our religious belief, and therefore that of our children, he has to undergo a medical examination and is officially declared paranoid. Nobody would dare to define our German Pope as insane when he writes that Catholics share a belief in hell with “the Protestant friends” (in “Einführung in das Christentum” (“Introduction to Christianity”)). Were the thought of hell not collectively suppressed and therefore contained in our collective subconscious, one would surely not put children into this world who, if they got on the wrong side of Jesus, would have to suffer eternal torture. Would one not prefer always using a condom for reasons of love of children and one’s neighbor?


According to our psychiatrists, threatening with hell is not supposed to cause anxieties? In this respect, psychiatrists, on a superficial level, make themselves look extremely ridiculous, just like the colleague first judging me in the meeting of the Chamber. As a psychiatrist (!), he was not even able to name the deepest fear of human being, the fear of (eternal) torture. His unqualified remark was that in Germany torture hardly existed. He ignored more than 100 million bibles and the more than 100 million hymn books officially announcing eternal torture in hell through Jesus to the child, causing this deepest anxiety.


After all, fear that the world may come to an end exists without this ever having actually happened. He ignored analyst Tilman Moser’s unchallenged insight, which I submitted, who knows of millions of children ill with church-induced anxiety and who writes books about them, like the bestseller “Gottesvergiftung” (“Poisened by God”). He ignored the alleged knowledge of the Vatikan in the year 2000, which I submitted, that in a hell already functioning today, there was such torture that one could die from sheer horror purely by watching, if one was not saved by ”God’s almighty power. In this way, the Churches poison not only our children with their lies, but the real God himself. They allow God no dignity and do not shy away from the (according to Dawkins) worst possible form of child abuse: emotional abuse. This is often combined with sexual abuse in the following way: A patient of mine was threatened with having to go to hell if she told her mother about the rape which had taken place. These kind of threats were a known fact, so I was told during a visit to Tilmann Moser in a Stadtmission in southern Germany. That is bound to put you off religion, hopefully this goes for you too, dear reader.


As, however, I use the term fear of hell (or Sacco-Syndrome) - this is how the written argument of the authority of my license to practice medicine goes - and as I accused the Churches of emotional violence (!), I was forced to undergo psychiatric examinations in the institutional outpatient department. There, I was declared as “paranoid-psychotic”, the reasons given being that I was too suspicious towards psychiatrists and was preoccupied with thoughts of hell and that this was not social. Without my permission and partly giving away my identity (full initials, full address), the authority for the license to practice had, to be on the safe side, also informed the clinic of the diagnosis they had guessed on as a result of a pre-examination with the Medical Association. During the above-mentioned pre-examination, the circumstances of which were unlawful (coercion, no legal information, invited to no more than one “talk”), the Vice President of the Federal Medical Association, Dr. med. Goesmann, confirmed the results which my investigations of the Churches had yielded and said she had even left the Catholic Church because of the atrocities described by me.


According to the lawyer of the Chamber, however, this statement was not allowed to be included in the protocol, as it supported my views and not those of the Medical Chamber, which, after all, is committed to denounce and prevent atrocities it hears about - even if our Churches themselves are the penetrators. The official comment was that it had been a personal comment of the Vice President’s. Silence from the side of the Chamber was the answer to my question whether the Vice President (with an additional qualification in psychotherapy) would now also have to undergo a psychiatric examination.


Furthermore, the this public body could suddenly not remember the oath of silence which had been agreed upon for that evening and immediately broken the next day. Fortunately however, I had of course made sure I was accompanied by a credible witness for the talk.


What she also did not tell me was that in 2008, the head of a psychiatric institute had reported me to the police as a response to the letter I had written him, answering an invitation to a congress. In it I pointed out that one would have to consider whether psychiatrists might themselves be subconsciously frightened of hell. He found this “bizarre”. What followed were extensive secret police investigations about me in order to “avert danger”. These investigations involved the State Criminal Police and local interviews. The colleague had warned the police that I could be as dangerous as the shooter at Winnenden and therefore likely to kill 18 people and to be in possession of a weapon. The question was put whether I was a hunter! He was afraid of me. Thank God, however, the police was not paranoid and did not lock me up. The head of the investigations was of the opinion that the colleague had “not been objective”. To my amazement, only the authority of license to practice placed this single and strange charge in the centre of its accusations against me.


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