What shall we do?


What shall we do with our churches? Since 2008 the EKD (Evangelical Church in Germany) wraps itself in stony silence when I confront them with legitimate critical thinking. Silence on violence is but also violence that must be opposed. Leaving the church is one of the very efficient means of power to go against the power of the clergy and the nature of its violence. At the same time you can tell your church that you plan to re-enter if they fulfill certain conditions. Accordingly I did so and also told the Hannover public prosecutor the following demands (excerpt):

"The provisional list of demands of the group 49 to my church is quickly assembled.


  • Renunciation of ecclesiastical concept of hell as a threat
  • Renunciation of the stories “Fall”, “Flood”, “Babylon”, “Sodom and Gomorrah”, where they are described as just judgments of God
  • Add footnotes to the Bible to explain that as today’s human be-ings we cannot identify ourselves with the text (for example: oc-currence of a devil)
  • Abolition of Eucharist as blame for the death of Jesus on the cross
  • Deletion of John 8/44 and Luke 17 in the Bible
  • Deletion of passages where God is described as the initiator of cruel punishments (examples: drowning, burning alive)
  • New edition of hymnals with removal of all songs about hell and about the grace of God that should be necessary to escape this hell
  • Prohibition of the Augsburg Confession
  • Prohibition of the depiction of Jesus as a savior. Jesus has not to save us from anything.


We owe it to our mentally ill, especially the autistic, that the abolition of hell faith comes into play.

Of course you can achieve quite a lot with a suit. But I have the impression that the prosecutors feel an inclination to take their "colleagues" of the "public corporation" - the church - into custody. In this way they allow them to continue using the threat of hell as supposedly the best source of income.


They do this in the full knowledge that threat of torture is torture already and represents a strong prohibition. This of course also and especially for public corporations as are the churches. So it is indeed in our Constitution (dignity). Prosecutors often tell me that there are no proven victims. On the question of whether one is a victim of his church, the Sacco-Triad may help. Three things are required here: a mental illness, a feeling of being threatened by "God" (at least within the medical history of oneself) and an increased reflection on matters of belief.


The Cologne Regional Court clearly pointed out that religious circumcision is not allowed, since physical integrity is a basic right. The government now needs to quickly design a new law in order to convert such circumcisions into legality. This is the state of affairs 10/2012. But there will be no new law that allows the religion to continue the threat of eternal torture, because that would require an amendment of Article 1 of the “Grundgesetz”.


But the lawsuit is a very effective way to draw attention to the fact that religious freedom has been widely restricted in this country for very good reasons. I just wonder: Why am I the only plaintiff. Because by being threatened with torture our core values and our children's health are obviously damaged - massively, daily.


Let us therefore finally wish for a psychiatry that is not afraid of the powerful but which finds the strength to question and doubt, that it can therefore change innovate things and can also gain independence from the of the organization Church which preaches violence.

According to Freud, however, the place of eternal damnation, the God who is supposed to manage that place and his devils happen to be pure delusions and therefore inventions of unscrupulous clerics who break the law by exercising terror. My patients share this opinion, and so do Schopenhauer, Rilke and some priests I know. Hell is not the notion of a God who loves us. In this good sense:



Take care, Yours Frank Sacco.




The poem


They say: They are criminals

I say: It´s from fear

They say: It´s cowardice

I say: It´s from fear

They say: It´s autism

I say: It is just from fear

They call their God the true love

I call him the God of Sodom,

the God of hell and fire

They say: It´s religion

But it is just might and easy money

It´s a business with that kind of fear

They say: “We give you great pleasure”,

but they sing to a weeping God.






Contact / Imprint: Frank Sacco, internist, medical doctor, member of the Medical Association of Lower Saxony. All rights reserved by the author.

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Post Scriptum: If you, dear reader, feel as a patient at risk of any church or abused or harmed by psychiatry, or if you know cases where such is done, you are free to demand financial compensation or to make a complaint. It may not be your church. You can also as someone who is an atheist feel threatened, e.g. if you are told you would come into an eternal hell fire just because of your lack of church-membership or because you have not been baptized. If you complain, that is initially free (prosecutors, arbitration boards of the medical associations). Arguments for such an action are provided by this document. Your legal claims will also not become time-barred as churches constantly confront you with the threat of hell - officially and written in words, for example throughout the media. You only should be able to prove that this has happened