The biggest fear of girls


I decidedly doubt that “penis envy”, according to Freud the female counterpart of fear of castration, exists with girls, causing consecutive feelings of inferiority, and even being responsible for making girls emotionally ill on a massive scale. Here, something is construed, and it always makes my female patients laugh. A penis of one’s own may be important, it is, however, not the centre of this world – also and in particular as far as women are concerned. If I were a girl, I would certainly not want a penis of my own, and if I had one growing, I would ask Daddy to actually have it cut off or at least shortened by a specialist, obviously under anaesthetic. I would not feel penis envy, on the contrary, I would insist on keeping my vagina and would like to be visited there by an attractive specimen.


Admittedly, it is by all means indisputably conceivable that girls may desire incest who would like to have father´s “pride and joy” there. And they might get a God-Ego-Problem. That kind of thing is possibly just about conceivable for an internist. Freud does not realize that neither envy nor feelings of inferiority are feelings of fear and can therefore not counterpart them. From a urological point of view, it would be correct to counterpart fear of castration with a girl's fear of both ovaries being removed, amputation of the clitoris would counterpart fear of the penis being removed. Freud implored C. G. Jung to make a dogma of the sexual theory, saying it was absolutely the most essential. “You see, we must make it into a dogma, an unshakable bulwark…against the black mud slide of occultism”.


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